Colors hold significant power. They carry codes and exert an influence on our mood, our environment, our behavior, and our imagination.

Here is a brief overview of seven colors and their meaning which can vary depending on individual cultures and experiences, and these interpretations are not universal.


It is the favorite shade in the world. Conducive to relaxation, it is omnipresent around us. Blue resonates with life, travel, and discoveries. It soothes both the body and the mind. Reassuring, blue is a consensual color that inspires confidence.


The Red Red is undoubtedly the most fascinating and ambiguous color there is. It juggles with paradoxes and is often considered the color of passion, ardent love and romance. Red is a bright and energetic color, associated with strength, vitality and power. It can evoke a feeling of enthusiasm and dynamism.


This solar color radiates energy and represents the joy of living. It envelops us with good humor and optimism. Better yet, it stimulates concentration, memory, and even decision-making. Eye-catching, yellow promotes learning.


The color green is frequently associated with nature, growth and life. It is the color of the leaves of trees, plants and many elements of nature, which gives it a positive connotation linked to vitality and health. Green is seen as a calming color because it evokes harmony, balance and tranquility.


The color white being a neutral color is often associated with positive meanings such as purity, innocence, peace, clarity and cleanliness. In some cultures, white is associated with spirituality and divine perfection.


A symbol of sociability and friendliness, orange represents vitality and vitamin C. It is associated with creativity and communication, bringing with it optimism and open-mindedness.


Deep color, mixture of red and blue, therefore neither cold nor hot, purple symbolizes a multitude of things. It is both a mysterious and magical facet and can be synonymous with wealth, spirituality and delicacy.


Pink expresses caring love, imbued with tenderness, romanticism, and evokes the beauty of life, carrying positive energy. It is often used in contexts related to femininity and the representation of gentleness and grace.