Understanding Olfactory Families and perfume notes:

Familiarize yourself with the different olfactory families such as floral, oriental, woody, etc. Understanding these categories can help you narrow down your preferences. The top notes are the more volatile notes perceived immediately, while the heart and base notes develop over time and compose the trail of the perfume.

Within the Perroy brand, we rather talk about an olfactory palette which gives you in 3 words the main ingredients that compose the perfume and this choice was made in order to simplify your search for the ideal perfume.

Consider the Season and Occasion:

It's often recommended to wear fresh, floral scents for spring and summer, and richer, woodsy scents for fall and winter. Also adapt your choice according to the occasion, opting for example for lighter scents during the day and stronger scents for the evening.

What better way to welcome the spring season than with a new fragrance for this season synonymous with renewal? Opt for floral and fruity notes like roses, iris or frangipani flower, they are sure to attract attention.

Our suggestions? Azureblush for the day and Pinkfire for the evening. Azureblush: a blooming and bright fragrance where peony meets litchi and rhubarb. Think of a sour candy or an elixir of passion. Unexpected and fresh, Azureblush is a celebration of femininity.

More intense and tenacious, Pinkfire will accompany you during atmospheric nights where your perfume will be your weapon of seduction and will enchant anyone who approaches you.

Choosing a summer perfume:

As summer arrives, temperatures rise, and we all dream of relaxing times and sunny vacations.

Are you tempted to abandon everything and move far away? As you lounge by the pool or tan at the beach, make sure you have your Tangerinepearl bottle nearby. With invigorating notes of pomelo, ginger and iris, its fresh and sparkling scent, reminiscent of a citrus cocktail, gives you all the energy you need to invigorate yourself.

You might also want to take Mahoganysun. It's irresistible and delicious scent of fig and frangipani flower evokes the atmosphere of eternal vacations. Floral and sunny, this fragrance gives you the sensation of having a summer-like tan all year long.

Test on Skin:

We recommend not to smell the perfume only on an olfactory touch. Skin chemistry can influence how fragrance evolves. Instead, apply it to the hot areas of your body (wrist, neck, inner elbow) and give it time to open and develop before forming your opinion. Please note that on our online store, we offer the possibility of ordering the 50ml or 100ml Eau de Parfum of your choice with complete peace of mind because we offer you a sample of the fragrance purchased. So you can take the time to try it at home, perfume yourself with it on different occasions, collect comments from relatives and be sure you have made the right choice! If you don't like the fragrance, you can return the product free of charge.

Avoid Overdose:

We recommend not to try too many scents at once, as your nose can quickly become numb. Limit yourself to two or three scents per session. The Perroy range has been designed to allow you to wear different perfumes throughout the day, however it is not recommended to layer them if you have a sensitive sense of smell.

Consider Allergic Reaction:

Some people may be sensitive to certain ingredients. If you have a history of skin allergies, opt for hypoallergenic fragrances. Perroy perfumes use both natural and synthetic raw materials, but are not considered hypoallergenic.

Choosing between a versatile perfume or a collection:

If you're looking for a single, versatile scent, opt for a fragrance that can be worn in different situations, and at any time of the day. Formulated as a smooth and creamy cloud, Ivorysky is the ideal and universal fragrance for all circumstances. It's fresh and woody notes will offer you an addictive trail that you won't be able to do without.

By following these tips, you will be able to choose a fragrance that matches your style, personality and occasion, ensuring a unique and exceptional scent experience. If these tips are not enough, we invite you to take part in the quiz which will provide you with a selection of 3 perfumes from the Perroy range based on the answers given!